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Dr Raymond Clarke

Head of Autism Research

Dr Raymond Clarke is Head of Autism Research at the Ingham Institute, School of Psychiatry, University of NSW, Sydney Australia. Dr Clarke’s research is focused on understanding the genetic and cellular mechanisms that go wrong in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Tourette syndrome (TS) and how to reverse the molecular deficits causing these disorders. ASD and TS are neuropsychiatric disorders that share clinical symptoms and genetic determinates. Dr Clarke discovered the NTSC mutation hot spot in TS – otherwise known as the ‘neurexin trans-synaptic connexus’ – which now serves as the focal point for understanding higher-order pathways in both ASD and TS. Dr Clarke’s research group recently expanded the NTSC mutation hot spot to incorporate recurrent mutations upregulating LRRTM3 – a key post synaptic ligand of the neurexins; and the knock-down of SAP97 - a pivotal post synaptic signalling scaffold that functions in the same pathway downstream of DISC1 - a major determinate of mental illness. By following the trail of recurrent mutations Dr Clarke’s research group has now connected the NTSC, SAP97 and DISC1 pathways to ASD and TS.


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